Others in landscapes, perennial dreams,
caressed by conscious and turbulent seas.
Oh that it may how I wish it were me,
sailing amidst my turbulent sea.
An unconscious mast imposing above,
outstretched in search of shore,
As time flows past my secret love,
in time I’ll know as ever before.
In time I’ll know,
In time, I’ll know
In time... in time,
I’ll know.
My closing eyes and lack of sight
help call the night, help call her kiss.
And with delight I escape the light
and drift into the ocean’s abyss


This is a poem about insomnia and my romantic notion of overcoming it. I wrote this while I was incredibly sleep deprived

Sea, Dreams, Night, Insomnia, Rhyme, Poem, poetry, Parker, Jennings

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