I thought of the right words.
Sitting on a stool, ready
to take my laundry from out
of the dryer.
My vision is accosted by a
garish green countertop, light
goblin green,
showing me
the nihilism of the poor.
I thought of love, come alive
on the mountaintops of my
She surrendered when I,
my better self, made all the
right moves,
as though that were my
fullest capacity,
my only way of being.
I think about the laundry,
the dog that
I accidentally left in the
backyard, and the birthday
party that I’m supposed to be
And I return back,
to the now dry clothes,
and give thanks to my
personal space,
my mindful

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Malak Alrashed
over 1 year

Loved it! A daydreamer poem in every sense!

almost 2 years

Alors! put on those fresh newly-laundered clothes and thereby feel refreshed, renewed and reinvigorated to face the world, unwelcoming though it may be. But as always advice sounds only good to the advice-giver.

I like the poem despite its inherent sadness.

Parker Jennings
Parker Jennings
over 1 year

Thank you Vic for that whole-heartedly well resounding greeting for me, it's always a pleasure to hear from you. And I certainly hope that the advice sounds good beyond the advice-giver, lest I prove myself the unaware fool this entire time, haha!

Many blessings to you Vic, thank you for the feedback

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