A sight of sympathy for the man,
who never thought himself too grand
or even fair to look at for long,
The ballad entails his fateful song.
Afraid of estranged looks and whispers,
artificial paranoia and publicly-censured.
“Surely I am the ugliest of men alive.”
Sole excuse against attempting to thrive.
Now days come and go, alive and loud.
And the man, alone but proud
at his greatest achievement, greatest plight.
That none have experienced him in their sight.


Beauty, Ugly, Paranoia

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Parker Jennings
oltre 4 anni

What a very nice analysis, yes I can see that. Thanks for the comment

Parker Jennings
oltre 4 anni

Yes, indeed it was. Glad you liked it :)

oltre 4 anni

I think he is proud of his achievements (possibly through his artwork/skills or other types of work that did not require people to see him physically). I think it is brave of him to persevere to achieve something despite his physical traits (as described as being ugly). Nice poem! Well done! ❤️❤️❤️

oltre 4 anni

Deliciously funny! (I mean his greatest achievement is "not being seen")I am hoping that was your intention. :) :) :)

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