Why choose misery over
the joy found when
mugs on the table
hide their secrets
and pour out everything
without discretion
at your behest?
Joy oh joy
in this season,
honor for the honourable
and the deviants,
once again fiddler
play that song
of comfort, of relief,
of good tidings
and fair belief.
And there will be the time
when the father
and the son
and the merry gun
go out to the hunt
off to their own adventure,
spoken to no one else.
In this season,
the triumphant part ways
and become the humble,
better stays for
amber waves
as golden as the chalice
that holds Thanksgiving wine.
We are rich together.
Together we are rich.
Ten times the timer,
five beasts bestowed,
eleven faces bowing,
Time by seconds slowed
Thanks for the giving


Thanksgiving, Season, Poem, Poetry, Cheer, Parker, Jennings

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Robert L. Martin
plus de 5 ans

Food is a very good seduction tactic

Parker Jennings
plus de 5 ans

Thank you very much

Parker Jennings
plus de 5 ans

Thank you. I was seduced into inspiration by the promise of food.

Robert L. Martin
plus de 5 ans

What a nice Thanksgiving poem

plus de 5 ans

nice one!

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