I view death as my friend.
Sitting on my bed, playing
a guitar like a silent weeping woman
who has just lost a child.
I view life as a mustard seed.
Visions of the future, coalescing
granular seeds into mighty forests.
Trusting in the almighty sun.
I see myself as an ocean.
The calming sea and air, waves
crashing onto a rocky but solid cliff.
Churning to the hands of time.
In moments, I am in pain. Pain
is a harsh lesson, humbling the self.
Like a wilting flower, beauty decays.
Oh the same pains, again and again.
But... the glorious dances... and...
and my breaths in the rain...
In the quiet of the night, I listen
for the music of the soul,
knowing full well that I know not
when I’ll hear it last, when I'll
watch it go...

The trick is to be a friend to death, not a stranger. Strangers bring fear, friends bring familiarity. The familiarity will lead to peace of mind, so long as the mind is reminded of it and made aware of it, consistently and constantly

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presque 3 ans

And hoping the music will last a long, long time!

Parker Jennings
Parker Jennings
presque 3 ans

@Vic: Always :)

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