The tower of Babel
was destined to fall
not because of the
wrath of God,
but the hatred
of man.
A colossal tower of power,
representing wealth and pride
inspired resent
in the nearby city sulkers
who fought against assimilation
and fanned the flames of their hatred
towards their pagan oppresors
who had conquered their homes.
So one day a lowly slave
wailing in a foreign tongue,
stood up at the base
of the Babylonian tower
and wailed all day and
he took a stick of dynamite
and blew the structure straight into heaven.
He laughed as
the confused and muddied
cries of the nearby
wailed in despair.
Incomprehensibly, of course.
And the act was called
the terror of God.


Tower, Babel, Babylonian, Hebrew, War, Language, Pride, Power, Domination, Religion, poem, poetry, parker, jennings

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over 5 years

Interesting twist. :)

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