Do your work and remove yourself.
Don’t check the follower count,
Avoid the need to see how you have been seen.
You are a rock, immoveable in your environment. A fixture. Living, breathing, bleeding.
Missing, wanting, requiring action, bonded with vision. You are the river that breathes and gives breathe to schools of fish. They may exist, because of you and unknown by you.
You are provider. And receiver.
You don’t need to see it to believe it

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Malak Alrashed
3 months

"You don’t need to see it to believe it"

Love it.

over 1 year

Sadly, most of us are vain such that we need to check how we've been seen. Human nature, perhaps at its worst,

Parker Jennings
Parker Jennings
over 1 year

@Vic: We are born wise and then learn ignorance when we are forced to respond to pain. It is vital to unlearn ignorance, as I believe it is learned. Yes, human nature at it's worst. It is fundamental to overcome and discipline this

Parker Jennings
Parker Jennings
over 1 year

@Vic: Vic Evora is very wise indeed :)

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