I remember the tired streetlights
that emitted their hazy glow,
discoloring the grass in the park.
I remember the playful screams
of my fast rambunctious friends,
as we ran till our faces flushed pink.
I remember how the darkness
melted the faces of the hidden kids,
making them harder to find in the trees.
I remember our red skinned knees
that didn’t hurt until we got home,
when our games were long over.
I remember that livid passion I felt
when my friend proved slightly faster
in the foot-races we always held.
I remember the breathe of relief
when he pleasantly laughed afterwards.
How I laughed with him too.
I remember all of us growing up
and the sounds of the park filled
with the screams of other children.
And these days passed us on,
and we all grew old.
Yet still I remember that reckless abandon.
And sometimes, when I remember hard enough...
I find my knees skinned the color red again,
and this time,
I win all the footraces.


Laughter was the expression of our youth

Childhood, Life, Play, Youth, Youthful, Expression, Poem, Poetry, Parker, Jennings

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Robert L. Martin
plus de 5 ans

That was a nice poem. I loved the metaphors about the streetlights. I had a wonderful care-free childhood. Thank for leading me to reminisce about my fun days, too. I'm glad you finally won the imaginary footraces in the end. Congrats

plus de 5 ans

Nicely rendered. Great memories.

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