the water paints blend
as i try to share my oil with you,
helping to keep your lamp bright,
as the coming comes
can i go with you
to the lake for a fresh dip
with a basket of fruit,
full and over flowing
like the waterfall that
my soul goes over each look
you gaze in my eyes
as i wait for your reply
my finger tracing
the sores on your feet
this one must have taken
some time to get through,
i thought
time is a funny thing,
just when you think
it’s the right time,
it writes.
and the water turns to wine
and we drink each other in

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Patricia May Neiderer
almost 7 years

gracefully guiding my hand to wipe the tear off your ,cheek as the rays of light shower upon you, vibrant within, without
as the molecules move about twisting with the energy creating that which is spoken or written, carefully crossing t's and dotting i's, should get us safely across the tracks before the train comes or leaves, while the butterfly dance's

Cory Garcia
almost 7 years

The words merrily dance on your tongue
Vibrating to the rhythm of the heart beating within
Effortlessly bending the air between us
Into melodic manifestations of the children who long to run again...

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