Cleo’s going to make it now
she’s got her shit together
she split with Barney
Barney wasn’t good for her
she got a bigger apartment
furnished it beautifully
and bought a new silver Camaro
she works afternoons in a dance joint
drives 30 miles to the job from
Redondo Beach
goes to night school
helps out at the AIDS clinic
reads the I Ching
does Yoga
is living with a 20-year-old boy
eats health food
Barney wasn’t good for her
she’s got her shit together now
she’s into T.M.
but she’s the same old fun-loving Cleo
she’s painted her nails green
got a butterfly tattoo
saw her yesterday
in her new silver Camaro
her long blonde hair blowing
in the wind.
poor Barney.
he just doesn’t know what he’s
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