Here, in the heart of the world,
     Here, in the noise and the din,
Here, where our spirits were hurled
     To battle with sorrow and sin,
This is the place and the spot
     For knowledge of infinite things
This is the kingdom where Thought
     Can conquer the prowess of kings
Wait for no heavenly life,
     Seek for no temple alone;
Here, in the midst of the strife,
     Know what the sages have known.
See what the Perfect Ones saw—
     God in the depth of each soul,
God as the light and the law,
     God as beginning and goal.
Earth is one chamber of Heaven,
     Death is no grander than birth.
Joy in the life that was given,
     Strive for perfection on earth;
Here, in the turmoil and roar,
     Show what it is to be calm;
Show how the spirit can soar
     And bring back its healing and balm.
Stand not aloof nor apart,
     Plunge in the thick of the fight;
There, in the street and the mart,
     That is the place to do right.
Not in some cloister or cave,
     Not in some kingdom above,
Here, on this side of the grave,
     Here, should we labour and love.
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