dogs and angels are not
very different.
I often go to this place
to eat
about 2:30 in the afternoon
because all the people who
eat there are particularly addled
simply glad to be alive and
eating baked beans
near a plate glass window
which holds the heat
and doesn’t let the cars and
sidewalks inside.
we are allowed as much free
coffee as we can drink
and we sit and quietly drink
the black strong coffee.
it is good to be sitting someplace
in a world at 2:30 in the afternoon
without having the flesh ripped from
your bones. even
being addled, we know this.
nobody bothers us
we bother nobody.
angels and dogs are not
very different
at 2:30 in the afternoon.
I have my favorite table
and after I have finished
I stack the plates, saucers,
the cup, the silverware
my offering to the luck—
and that sun
working good
all up and
inside the
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