I’m in bed.
it’s morning
and I hear:
where are your socks?
please get dressed!
why does it take you so long to
get dressed?
where’s the brush?
all right, I’ll give you a head
what time is it?
where’s the clock?
where did you put the clock?
aren’t you dressed yet?
where’s the brush?
where’s your sandwich?
did you make a sandwich?
I’ll make your sandwich.
honey and peanut butter.
and an orange.
where’s the brush?
I’ll use a comb.
all right, holler. you lost the brush!
where did you lose the brush?
all right. now isn’t that better?
where’s your coat?
go find your coat.
your coat has to be around somewhere!
listen, what are you doing?
what are you playing with?
now you’ve spilled it all!
hear them open the door
go down the stairway,
get into the car.
hear them drive away. they are gone, down the hill
on the way to
nursery school.
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