I write when am lonely
When the world is at its
Wicked peak,
I write when am scared
When the thunder is kissing
With the wind,
I write when life needs help
When the dustbin as never
Been trashed by a fox,
I write when am bored
When I am stuck in just
A loop,
I write to seek joy
As I write for joy
To seek you all,
I write to build mindset
Because a fetish mind
Is a vulnerable mind,
I write to seek love
But love is defined differently
By so many people,
I write for humanity
As there is nothing more special
Than a strings of caring hearts.


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Charlotte B. Williams
almost 5 years

I write by inspiration from our creator. You've written
quite a lot of poems you must really enjoy it.

almost 5 years

I'm lacking now but poetry is a part of me that can be killed or easily simmer off

Robert L. Martin
over 5 years

I write because writing to me is therapeutic. It takes me away from the boredom,

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