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I have loved poetry for a number of years but in past 10 years have started to write my own but still a beginner in learning the craft.My favourate poets are Emily Dickinson,William Blake, Robert Frost, Katherine Mansfield and Christina Rossetti. I also like to read ( historical, biographical, Christian), listen to classical music but also like other types of music, watching films on DVD. I am 60 and have been happily married for 24 years to Christine and love to regular attend church, watch films and enjoy the countryside together. MY TESTIMONY I am a Christian and have been for over 30 years, so here's my story. First of all I was adopted at six months of age and have had a severe stammer all of my life although not particularly bad before starting school. I met my first wife Jean when I was in mid 20s, Jean was a Christian who attended the Salvation Army where I first heard the gospel and believed it but only in my head. After a series of decisions made for Jesus which proved to be flawed and false but I started to read the Bible but I was still not willing to accept the gospel offer of salvation. Jean and I got married in 1981 and after less than a year of marriage Jean died suddenly, on that evening of Jean's passing I prayed for God to forgive me of my sins and received Christ becoming a new creature in Christ. Some nine years later having met Christine we got married in 1990 and have been very happily married for 24 years. God has been faithful to us in many ways directing, leading and guiding us in all His ways. We always think on Jeremiah Ch. 29 v. 11-14 which God has used so often in our lives together in giving us a future and a hope in Him for God knows the plans He has for us all. God has been helpful to me so often to fight through my stammer and been able to accept my situation helping me and reminding me so often His love overcomes all things. My favourate text is Hebrews Ch. 13 v.6. 'The Lord is my helper; I will not fear; what can man do to me?’ In august, 2012 I had been made redundant but have great peace in my heart the the Lord Jesus is with me and surrounding me in His love and wisdom for the future and great assurance of His will for me.