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Ronald Harvey Wohl

Ronald Harvey Wohl has been writing poetry since he was 12-years old following his father's death. His new book of poems, "Hope and Joy" will be published fall, 2013. Ron loves people. He sees the glass as always at least 3/4 full and believes that everyone can dream, strive to reach their dreams, make mistakes, learn from their mistakes and be the best they can be. He believes in helping people help themselves. Ron loves his children and grand children and believs there should be no impediments to each person success. Ron is a graduate of the George Washington University BA 1965, and attended the George Washington University Law School and the Masters in Business Administration Program at American University with as special focus in marketing, marketing research and management. Ron is a practicing applied psychological anthropologist with a focus in religion, witchcraft, sorcery, and spirituality, and introducing change into business and other cultures. He founded and was CEO of a management communications consulting for 35 years which specialized in introducing plain English into all forms of communication to produce clarity and promote ease of operation. Ron is a Certified Management Consultant and mentor of consultants. Ron has had an extremely active political career in business and community leadrership, including running for the Maryland Legislature, being appointed as member and then chair of the Montgomery County, MD Commission on the Humanities for 9-years, being elected to the boards of directors of several parent and school organizations, homeowner associations, civic associations and other business and professional associations. He is married 48-years to his college sweetheart, has two talented and successful daughters, sons-in law, and 3 wonderful grandchildren. Ron was born in Washington, DC and hopes to retire there as well. He vacations in the mountains of West Virginia and travels the world.