oh my!

Oh, oh
My, my
Here we go
Bye, bye
Take the yellow brick road
To my abode and there we will get
High, high
Take a little puff, puff
Pass that stuff, stuff
Then I’ll pass right, right
Yo! Tin Man!
Yo! Scare Crow!
Where did that coward lion go?
Nobody knows
Nobody Cares
Lions…….. Tigers and Bears
Now why is it
That I’m alone
Puffing, up on the smoke
Next thing that I know
I’m back to that yellow road
And this time that lions back
With a big ol’ purple sack
Filled with them mushroom caps
Oh shit, Relapse
Perhaps this one mishap
Won’t take me back to rehab
But we all know that it will
Because one puff turns into pills
And… I’m… somewhere… over the rainbow
Way… up… high…
There’s…. this… thing…
That I dream of…
Packed up in my pipe
Somewhere above the chimney tops
Away from all those hateful cops
Thaaats where yoouuu’ll find meeeeeeee:D:D:D


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Joe Marflak
over 5 years

Donnie Darko style drawin is cool too

Joe Marflak
over 5 years


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