I’m the devils spawn yawls can ask your pastors,
I tangle words up, yup a puppet master,
Got this newfangled style I’m flying higher and faster,
Casting demons watching em’ scale the plaster,
My presence is a disaster so drastic,
I hopped in the open and the scene got graphic,
As I busted out elastic strips and sheet of plastic,
An started suffocating bitches while I’m casting my magic.
I’m the devils spawn, just go ask your mom,
Tusks sharp and long like I’m part mastodon,
Split down to protons and arrive there on,
Arrive there gone, beyond Babylon,
Beyond sense, I’m dense, it’s past tense evidence,
What I say is straight to stir up turbulence,
I influence the intense offences,
Against audience members of frankincense’s.
I’m the devils spawn I wear a helm of black,
I overwhelm this realm of state of crap,
I take up the slack, pick up the ruck sack,
Tighten my boot straps and prepare to attack,
I’ll invade the barricades of the deaf and the blind,
I’ll extract the intact of what’s left in the mind,
I’ll refine and design, I’ll a line and assign,
Till I give you people eyes, ears and a spine.
I’m the devils spawn, Satan hawked a luggie,
Lightning hit the spot and it gave birth to me,
I was breast fed by a god with eight boobies,
And my penis is encrusted with diamonds and rubies.

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Joe Marflak
about 5 years

Yea I like it

over 6 years

Ha haa, nice last verse. This is bloody awesome man! Like a pro

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Joe Marflak