its gotta be more than hearing it
I can hear it in the next room
bath me in the sounds
let me slip into what you’ve found
again down this familiar track
again I feel the pull of my mishap
a trap to stumble upon
lives dreamt and gone
smashing good times
dashing through lines
at re stabilizing speeds
to fulfill preconceived needs
try that, then try this, then look about to see’s amiss
a gift, in fact due to snap to attention, through gist, I eclipse
and lists appear, dates, times, moments made clear
clearing slates, fulfilling plates to wharf down
so get to it
gobble this music
and don’t think for a second I won’t try to abuse it
I choose this
Imma lose it
so conclusive
not nearly as west bound as I’m south
no matter my mouths flapping off about clouds
silver linings are beaming with every turn all about
deep yearning for learning the way through these shrouds

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Cory Garcia
almost 5 years

Lyrically firing like an ak the carnage that follows set to full auto no care for tomorrow pen triggerd pressed into use double duece profuse let loose blown fuse running noose with an unending clip of conscionous free flowing leveled on around and over the target subverting asserting exerting oneself remnants straining staining ordaining cautionary tale proudly loudly told full force fiercely despairing tearing swearing declaring don't fuck with a heart and mind when controlled by a poets quil...Note: no need for the artificial when the real is beneficial... nuf nuff said

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