Accurséd be the refuge of Baneberry Hall,
For those who shelter there,
Where the lingering spirits stalk the night
From depths of great despair;
And the walls they breathe as tho’ of life
From her ruins upon the tor,
For those who’ve ponder asylum there
Now trudge forevermore!
O’ beware the lure of Baneberry Hall,
As souls are many there immured,
Thus the whispers upon thine ear
Shall herald thy fate assured!
Alas, the walls they breathe as tho’ of life,
As ye step forth into her lore
Where thus the dead yet seek the spark
That alights the evermore!
Each night doth stir at Baneberry Hall,
For shadows stalk the still,
And hands reach forth from mortar and stone
With an everlasting chill;
And thus the walls they breathe as tho’ of life,
As darkness treads upon the tor
Where spirits forsake their earthen depths
To roam forevermore!
Woe be he who shall take his shelter midst
The confines of Baneberry Hall,
Where upon those cold and wuthering eves
The unhallowed comes to call;
Then the wind shall howl the walls to life,
The mist shall hammer upon each door
And silence shall summons those spirits lost
From the evermore!
Leave a fire to flicker within the hearth,
If the silence be thy fear,
Lest the darkness and its phantoms yet
Be somewhere lurking near!
O’ hearken nigh the walls that breathe,
Be e’er watchful at the door,
And slumber not, and fear to dream,
As there lies the evermore!
Ne’er take the refuge of Baneberry Hall,
Lest ye too be of her keep,
For the myriad spirits there of ages past
Are nevermore to sleep;
The walls they breathe as tho’ of life
Tho’ the silence speaks of life no more;
O’ steer thy way from those ghastly ruins
That loom upon the tor!


A Halloween Tale

Ghosts, Horror, Gothic, Historical, Halloween

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Robert L. Martin
over 4 years

That was great. I'll sure beware of Baneberry Hall if I ever go there. Sounds like a great ghost story.

R. L. McCallum
almost 5 years

Thanks Vic!

almost 5 years

Wow! I feel like Raven avoideth Baneberry Hall!Love it! I will have to read it again... Great poem...

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Vic Imrogue

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