Love hath touched me sated so,
Lingered by a kiss,
Thus the blesséd of each night
Brings promise unto this;
And yet she keeps amid the mist
Beside the everlasting stream,
For my love is but a spirit lost
To haunt upon a dream.
Upon a dream the moon appears
In the starlit sky,
Then comes the mist upon a wind
As she approaches nigh;
And then gently so she kisses me
When into the mist I lean,
Dearly thus I greet this spirit lost
That haunts upon a dream.
The diurnal light doth bade her gone,
Each day I sorrow this,
For the misty maid I’ve come to love
Yet lingers from a kiss;
And so I slumber to await the mist
Beside the everlasting stream,
Where love yearns forth this spirit lost
To haunt upon a dream.


Sleep, Dreams, Love, Yearning, Loneliness

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R. L. McCallum
casi 5 años

Thank you!

Benjamin G. Sangalang
casi 5 años

Very nice.

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Benjamin G. Sangalang

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