When the sun descends before thee,  
Upon the day’s last waning light,
There beyond is where I now dwell,
Near the edge of night;
Thus I linger onward in the twilight
As a memory unto thee,
So as I roam amid the day and night
Sustain thy thoughts of me!
When the day approaches darkness
And shadows thus are seen,
There I now tread the eternal hours    
In the twilight in between.
O’ my soul shall linger onward yet,  
For I’ve not the touch of thee,
So as I roam amid the day and night
Keep well thy love for me!
When the horizon dims before thee  
And takes thy earthly sight,
Lo and see with thy immortal eyes
Into the edge of night,
For yet I linger within the twilight
Waiting there for thee,
O’I am betwixt the day and night
‘Til thou cometh unto me!


Love, Eternity, Death

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Benjamin G. Sangalang
almost 5 years

Very nice supplication.

almost 5 years

very good tone

almost 5 years

Good, as usual...

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