There’s something creeping in the darkness,
A rustling in the pitch,
Perhaps it be an angry wraith or even death;  
O’ I dread to know of which!
There’s something stirring in the silence
Beyond the boundaries of my sight,
O’ what hath emerged from within my mind
To stir upon this night?
There’s something creeping in the darkness,
Something lesser of appeal;
O’ I know not if this be form of fantasy
Or worse be something real!  
Alas, there’s movement in the darkness,
Thus I’m overwhelmed with dread!
I must plead to the uncertainty of its mercy,  
Lest madness lies ahead!
Amid the darkness there’s something wanting,
I feel its cold and craving breath,
O’ it doth anguish me with the dark unknown,
Thusly that of death!
There’s something creeping in the darkness,
An emergence from beyond,
O’ my mind doth wince with many questions,
Yet no answers do respond!


Horror, Gothic Poetry

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R. L. McCallum
oltre 4 anni

Thanks Robert. It's a mystery to what is creeping. One has to use their imagination.

Robert L. Martin
oltre 4 anni

What was that creeping in the darkness? Is there a sequel to the story? A very good story, although. It reminds me of Poe's, "The Raven."

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