Betwixt earth and sun the darkness comes,
As each day I’ve loved you so,
But thro’ right or wrong my love goes on,
For thus does true love flow.
Betwixt the night and day lies my dismay,
Alas my heart has come to know,
For against your will I must love you still,
But thus does true love flow.
Betwixt Heaven and Hell love shall foretell
That tempests there may blow,
As my love’s forever, you’ll love me never
—A dreadful thing to know.
Betwixt the mind and madness lingers sadness,
O’ a death so dreadfully slow,
For love today is sorrow and shall be tomorrow,
But thus does true love flow!
Betwixt shadow and sun shall my anguish run,
As the embers remains aglow,
But amidst Heaven and Hell I know fore well,
That thus does true love flow!


Love, Love Lost, Desire, Hopelessness

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Robert L. Martin
about 4 years

A classic. Very deep philosophy. Very romantic. Well done, Robert

about 4 years

Beautiful poem, Sir Robert.

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