O’ torrents of darkness
And voices from the pitch,
Be this a tempest or madness,
It matters not which!
O’ tormented and sorrowed,
My mind doth it twist;
Alas, each day I am thwarted,
Why must this persist?
O’ the legions of shadows
Control the weight of my quill
By the force of their echoes
That emerge from the still!
Ah, I am bemused and abandoned
In a world of my own;
Alas, these denizens of darkness
Will not leave me alone!
O’ the cascading torrents,
The darkness of dismay,
Bring a constant flurry of voices
In a persistent array;
And I am entranced and maddened,
Unable to resist;
Thusly I am bereft of reality
To worldly exist!


This poem regards the writer in solitude, the ones who are always alone with their thoughts and whose demons fight for character superiority upon the page.

Writing, Gothic, Haunting

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R. L. McCallum
casi 5 años

It seems like a majority of the best writers and poets throughout history are the ones with mental disorders.

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