I, (and I’m sure others), once asked a philosophical question, or rather, philosophical questions without knowing or discovering the answer: Do you have to strip yourself of everything in order to become yourself? Or are you just the accumulation of what you know and feel?
I would now change it to what you think and feel since I feel so lost. But its been said before that you have to lose yourself to find yourself.
So me, an extremist, 0-100, black and white, yet lover of gray, finally has the answer. It’s both. There is not one or the other. I can finally answer a question with the middle, in between, gray, the light and the shadows, the sun, and the moon, the rooster and the night owl, for I am both. I am a hater of hypocrites although I am one myself, full of contradictions, sheepish and untrustworthy, open yet unreadable, hot and then cold.
Cuidado porque soy peligroso.
Handle with care
Do not touch
Aviso no tocar
Beware of dog
Dead end
Wrong turn
Electrical hazard
Proceed with caution
Hot surface
If you play with fire you will get burned
There are multiple ways of saying things and I will tell you every one so you will make no mistake, you will have no excuse, you will emerge from obscurity, your true colors will be revealed.
So beware
And Be Aware
Stay far away from me.
Do you know what it’s like for the person you love the most be the person you fear the most? Afraid to lose them and Afraid of them physically? Afraid they might kill you accidentally or on purpose? Afraid that they are both the reason for you to be alive and the reason to want to die? Vampires that suck your blood, your soul dry? After an encounter with them you are never the same. There is a line that once crossed can never be uncrossed. One decision can fuck you up for life.
Do you know?

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Sinethemba Nyawose
almost 3 years

This really speaks to me... I feel like your reality, like mine, is blurry. It's like being stuck in a world where things that are meant to mean little mean so much more to you, and whatever your good mind tells you, you can't rid yourself of them. The world can have a peculiar feel to it when truth and reality can't be conflated.

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