Come child,
if you’re brave enough to dare
to sneak a peek behind the curtain,
and to see what is awaiting you there,
lurking behind what seems certain,
and what you believe to be fair.
But be aware child
that once you cross this line,
it cannot be uncrossed.
And beware
because once you see the sign,
your innocence will be lost.
You want to know if your dreams will come true.
If you will achieve success, wealth, and fame?  
You want to know whose the perfect person for you.
You want to understand life and how to win its game.
You think that you already deserve many things,
and that to get them only requires my blessing.
You think that’s it’s only fair if they’re given to you,
because you were such a good child; one of few.
But I’m sorry to say child,
that your future is not up to me.
Life is not a game that can be beat.
It’s not like you can pay a fee
that saves you an appropriate seat.
Life is not fair,
it is not patient,
nor kind.
It’s a bitch to bear,
and if you are absent,
it doesn’t really care or mind.


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