What response would you like to revoke out of me?
With what action do you expect to succeed?
And what if I’m not as predictable as you have imagined?
Are you sharp enough to pick up immediately or can I make you stumble?
Here’s your answer:
Stop trying to outsmart me.
Stop trying to predict what I will do.
Stop assuming you know how I think.
Because  you don’t.
And these games are getting old.
You can’t keep up with the beat of my drums.
You can’t decipher the flow of my rhythm.
If you want to understand me you won’t succeed with games.
You intend to trip me up with them, make me slip.
But you only achieve the opposite effect.
I’ve known you were playing games since the first night we met.
And so I only showed you the parts of me that I wanted you to see.
I am not a game that you can win.

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