Why is it that,
when we have the freedom
to speak we stutter?
Engraved in us,
is what society,
and our ancestors believe.
We look in the mirror, and double take
cuz we can’t believe.
I’m living here, and I take up space.
A place nobody can replace...
We can’t admit to loneliness,
we’d be admitting our lost success.
Emptiness, promises,
empty promises we keep.
I see myself lying through my teeth.
Breath in breath out, repeat.
Watch me stand on my own two feet!
I will make a promising toast,
I say,"Jealousy is a deadly ghost."
I turned my head, and fear slit my throat.
Anxiety is it’s alliance, no trust to be spoke.
I will end this on a sad note...
Take away my freedom, I’ll be blind
I kept all the secrets I left behind.

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