I take it to heart but, you don’t seem to care.
Diamonds on the rocks, and whisky in my hair.
I feel the cool draft of the cold winter air.
I take it to heart but, you just don’t seem to care.
For only a moment, just a moment there,
I catch a glance, I caught your stare.
Sometimes life, you said is unfair.
I paint my nails black for extra flare.
For the last time I take it to heart, you never cared.
Went summer comes, winter glares.
You take it to heart, and I just don’t seem to care.
Just for a moment, you said “don’t you dare.”
I could never be honest, so there for “I don’t care”
But you always cared, you always seemed prepared.
I just never dared, dared to ask...
Could you love me, and put it all in the past?
But, I took it to heart, because I thought you didn’t care.
So I stand alone, alone with the air.

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