Enlighten me
But do not frighten me
I can see and I can hear
Footsteps on the walls
Foot steps big and tall
Not like the whistle of the leaves
Or the creaking in my house
It’s a pitter patter
Telling me nothing matters
There is something else in my room
It’s all the dark memories that filmed my room
Combusted with doom
Fogged and I can’t breath
Not even in my own mind
It’s time to rewind
I just don’t want to go back there
It’s not fair
So I ignore the pitter
I ignore the patter
Pitter, patter
The black cat crossed my path and went under a ladder
Nothing matters
Let’s not pretend
Time doesn’t exist
And it’s not our friend

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Scarlet Lips
over 6 years

I love this! A great poem, love the title too

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