In one ear out the other

I’m higher than you
When I die I’ll look flyer than you
Inspire the truth
Don’t expire your youth
Require the proof
To see the day begin and end
Nobody you love is really your friend
Fear around the bend
A shoulder to cry on why is that so hard to lend
I regret you
Resent you
Bleed trough my teeth
Nothing is prettier than a coral reef
Or scarier beyond belief
The shark is coming to eat you
Beware the shark is the old you
Be blind
It’s easier than sight
Be afraid of the night
It haunts you
It doesn’t like you
Gives you the truth so you feel blue
Black and blue
Under my eyes nothing new
I hear breathing it’s not there
It’s time to stop and stare
The pain is fucking everywhere
Listen to me
These are my last words I plead
Take the lead
Don’t leave me empty
You got the last words to set me free

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