It speaks my words
And breaths my name
It makes me wanna go insane
It laughs at my pitty
Screams out the truth
You will never let go of your youth
Stuck in the past
This love will never last
And another thing that will be last
Is your breath
Inhale, exhale
I’ll always control you
Close your eyes
I’ll show everyone the old you
Haunt you, inspire you
Always worn out
I tire you
Speak through
And see through
This world is just a read through
Nothing new
Nothing old
My love for you is very bold

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M.Ilyas Iliana Ali
6 mesi

Absolutely love this! I kept thinking of "Sad but True" by Metallica. I cannot tell you how many time I sang those word :)

6 mesi

Thank you! Crazy I wrote this 7 years ago and never heard that song by Metallica. Haha will listen now. Thanks for your kind words

M.Ilyas Iliana Ali
M.Ilyas Iliana Ali
6 mesi

@CLEMENTINE: Let me know what you think of it :D You're welcome.

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