It’s not you it’s me

So here is the biggest problem...
when we are sad, lonely, stressed,
depressed -
we look for that one thing to distract us.
We become dependant on it -
like a coin toss.
If you acquire that thing,
you feel rewarded & successful.
You feel whole.
You depend on it– rely on it.
Without it, you feel like nothing.
You trained yourself to believe that,
this one thing is the answer to everything.
That if you don’t get it– you won’t
get where you need to be.
You feel pain for loosing something,
that was never going to happen.
You made it up in your head.
You wait your whole life for it -
but, it does not exist.
Its only you -
it only ever HAS been you.
It is no one else, it is nothing else.
You got yourself this far, and you
can get yourself further.
It’s only been you.
No-one else, nothing else,
but you.

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