A thank you letter to the universe

Once I stumbled, full of defeat.
I could hear the rumbling, under my feet.
I prayed to the heavens, I prayed up above.
“I am not sure who I am, not sure what is love.”
I was pained, warped, always unsure.
I figured there’d never been a cure.
Three years later I was granted a gift.
I was told by the heavens,
that things were about to shift.
Things started to clear up, blossom and bloom.
A newfound appreciation for life stifled my doom.
I no longer wanted to be bound to my room.
I opened the floodgates, and in life poured.
Finally, my troubles have soured.
Nightmares will always come back,
the past will always attack.
But here I am, a warrior in the making.
It’s time to see where life will take me.
I can promise you, I can promise you this.
One day your life will be full of happiness.

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