Do you ever have those moments
When you feel so aware of your existence
Like you got that sixth sense
You know the past the pretence
Everything is nothing
Nothing is everything
I’ve said this before
And I’ll say it tell my dying day
Nothing is real
Nothing will ever go away
Constant, every situation has a solution
There is no one right answer
There is probably a cure for cancer
Religion is a myth
We’ve lied to ourselves
The government doesn’t exist
We live in a world that isn’t a world
It’s a big floating rock in the middle
Of no where
So why do we care?
We are floating by more floating
Balls of fire
Where is the death desire?
it’s a miracle we aren’t dead yet
There is a force a dome around us
It protects us
How does that make sense
The only way it would make sense is that,
To the universe a year is a second
And a decade is a minute
And sooner or later the world will combust
It’s the truth
But we live in our own perception
Our own deception
No one will let me die
They will “miss me”
I’m the selfish one for wanting to leave?
How is it that no one questions that maybe
You are selfish for guilting me into staying
If I die, I’ll be in a different realm
I will never know if it’s better than here
Well maybe I will
I’ll just have to wait

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