Seeing the world with different eyes
Nothing’s real and everything is lies
Who are “they” that say what is right and wrong
Aren’t we all the same?
Vessels, for our souls, drifting among enerergy
If we took away all the beliefs what do we have?
We have souls, different souls
In these bodies used to interact
To love, and breath and experience
Experience things that might be a false reality
So why do we take it so seriously
We will never know unless,
We speak to the trees,
And the birds and the molecules
Maybe we should ask them how they got here
Or maybe realize that things just are
We just are
We just so happen to be lucky enough to survive
In this universe, mass universe
But I don’t feel real,
There are thoughts that control my head
Lay me to sleep
Keep me safe in my bed
That’s what the voices inside my head said

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