two left feet

Put your best foot forward!
But, I am cursed with two left feet.
Running in circles.
Ironically, no ends meet.
Reckless behaviour,
Not, I am my saviour.
Nor, are you my saviour.
Flash back memories,
Open eyes, blind mind.
I wish I could see,
The thing that has become me.
I am sorry my phrases,
Seem like phases.
They don’t match actions,
Only places.
In my head, can’t replace this.
I need a place with open spaces,
No familiar faces,
Temporarily, flowerless vases.
Run away from the daily races.
And just breath in air,
To these empty lungs.
No more despair.
I am not so bad, I need to be fair.
Look in the mirror, recognize what’s there.
Because soon,
morning, night, noon.
I’ll put my best foot forward.
Even with the future, blurred.
My words meaningless, slurred.
You’ll see the truth in my eyes.
No lies, no surprise.
No disguise.
Just me.
Putting my best foot forward.

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