Richard Withey currently resides in a mental asylum; incarcerated by his mind he occasionally makes up stories and peculiar tales of characters that have escaped into his thought processes and become part of his written words. Occasionally he will write the odd poem that helps his angst with the dissatisfaction and injustices of the world, sometimes the poems can be quite 'loved up' as well displaying a lovely ying-yang approach to the typical mental illness that is usually rage and/or then catatonia that seems to be the norm for loonies these days. He has also delved into the world of singer/songwriter, this generally occurs in the wee, small hours and involves copious amounts of alcohol, these songs can be found on SoundCloud under Grim Peepers (and he apologises in advance if any slurring can be heard). He would like to thank you in advance for taking time to read his fictional adventures, ramblings and adventures and hopes he can at least bring a smile, tear, grimace or joy to your person for a small (or longing) time. Thanks for reading, and constructive comments and compliments are very welcome ;) x