When you walked away from me on that desperate day
You just left me standing not knowing what to say
Why would you do such a thing to me?
After all the love that there has been for everyone to see
Can’t you see the tears that now run so deep within?
To leave me now on this lonely street is nothing less than sin
Surely you will want to consider compromise
Can’t you see the fear that shows now in my eyes?
You turned you’re back on me and went another way
How can our friendship be lost in just a day?
You just stood there laughing as you broke the ties
That have been so tight between us, I don’t believe your lies!
“Don’t waste your words,” you said as that barrier you placed
Before me and around me, I was so very well outpaced
I could not see to hear your words as you destroyed my life
My heart is breaking and you enjoy my strife
I still don’t understand that after all these years
That all you want to do is bring me down in tears
Did you just get close, so that you would get to know my fears?
To bring them out before me like tarnished souvenirs
So this then is the end of the friendship we once knew
I wish you could then stand where I am standing now
And look into the face that has brought upon this grief
For you would then see the betrayal that is you.


Note: The breaking down of a long friendship can be devastating, you feel angry, let down, cheated, rejected, and hurt in so many ways. This lyric is about just such a break.

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más de 6 años

is this a sequel to My love she is returning, because if so........ what a bitch!

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