A Certain Secret
Hiding in closets, no air to breathe
Sealed in cement, a painful secret
To be forgotten, but not forgotten
What is there is what is there
It gnaws at its shell
From morn ‘til night
It seeks the open air
As freedom waits
Confinement hurts more
As days move into weeks
Like a prisoner with
His hopes fading away
At last to breathe open spaces
Nevermore shall be the hurt
With new wings to roam the skies
Someone there heard it all
As the pain subsided
Rescued by the tears of truth

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Charlotte B. Williams
plus de 3 ans

I thought I commented on this before. I love this . This is a good secret. Sounds like something has come to birth, or has been set free. I feel the freedom. Makes me feel like flying.

Robert L. Martin
presque 4 ans

It was just about keeping any secret inside until it has to be let out to ease the pain.

Charlotte B. Williams
presque 4 ans

Your poetry is so deep Robert, I love this one. It sounds like something has been set free, or been born. You left it a mystery when you didn't make notes. but I feel the freedom. This was a good secret.

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