Chivalry, that bygone custom of yesteryear,
As men grew weaker
And women grew stronger,
A melting of the armor
Revealing a melted spirit,
A gradual feminizing of the mind,
Virility, no longer a young boy’s dream,
No longer a distinct separation
From the female mystique,
No longer a comfort zone,
But a river looking for a place to run to,
An ocean that’s not well defined,
A harbor in the heart surrounded by the mist,
A feeling forgotten and never restored,
A growing disrespect for the female gender,
And a disregard for their needs.
Come back, that chivalrous way of life,
That dividing line between man and woman,
Between the strong and the weak,
The lover of poetry and white lace,
And the strong beating his iron chest
And retaining his virile thoughts and deeds
That ran out of him and put into woman’s thoughts,
That fighting machine that was once weak,
The one brandishing her iron fists,
Equal to that of man, once mighty and distinct,
But now an equal, a blending of the sexes,
The modernization of chivalry,
The battle between the strong
And the strong growing weaker,
Who is now the once masculine one
Who’s not allowed to fight back,
Who is supposed to absorb the punches
In a manly, chivalrous manner.
“The rules of a fair fight:
A fist for a fist.”

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Robert L. Martin
over 2 years

Actually I think the women don't all think that way, but to me they are changing. I hope they can revert back to yesterday and become lovers of white lace and poetry again. And I hope men become strong again.

Nelson D Reyes
over 2 years

“Believe all the women no matter what. And you men just do what you’re told to do.”
I don’t think all women think this way. But along the armour and amour days of yore certainly the chivalry times are fast becoming nostalgic.

How we wish we can romance again and throw coins in the wishing wells or wait all night for a shooting star or break a wishbone with the girl you adore. But “adore” seems to be a four letter word today among some not so gentler sex.

Ah...Wonder Woman...Amazon Woman...woe onto man! Man was taken from a woman’s womb not woman from a man’s ribs.

Like. Thanks Robert.

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