Melody of strength and beauty
and independence,
from places been for places up ahead,
weary but energized, cool but yet ardent,
from hands of assistance fair thee well,
from colors bright with colors to add,
wandering through vibrant hands,
sending melodies to a new plateau
of enchantment and artistic charm,
a paradise above the paradise,
places with open arms and teary eyes,
a heaven called music
for the love of music,
with ears to capture the angelic sounding,
a place for the music to run to,
to flood the pores and crevasses,
then run back out with a new exuberance
on its way to another exotic place
that sends the heart into a muted frenzy,
an impassioned sigh and a poetic mood,
a strength that gives it its staying power,
its independence and will to forge ahead,
flowing with the winding rivers of faith
into another chordal strengthening,
another music in search of a new plateau,
a wandering minstrel with a dedicated vision
with his feet on the ground but yet still aloft,
his house in order and his wings still attached,
his heart pumping music through his veins,
his dreams of a musical ecstasy materializing
through a chordal strength that
gave him the power to sustain himself
as he found the right places to land,
that sent him searching for another land,
a harmonious paradise that knows no end.

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Robert L. Martin
over 1 year

Hi Nelson. I don't have any online. I have a CD with my piano music on it though. I can send one to you.

Nelson D Reyes
over 1 year

There’s no doubt in my mind that music and poetry naturally run in your veins Robert. That’s with “s” as in all over your body and soul. I am just so lucky and privileged to be reading your prose and poetry.
As much as I can hear your music through your poems it would be awesome if I can actually hear it. Do you by any chance have them online?

Like. Thanks Robert.

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Nelson D Reyes

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