A Summer’s Scene
Country meadows bowing to the sun
With grasses heading upward on the run
Willow trees smiling at the brooks
Maples shading stately manor overlooks
Fat pink clouds hanging over sleepy hills
Unfolding like a rose for breath taking stills
Love poems pouring out of enamored places
Where sleep set in during winter’s faces
Cows grazing upon new grasses upon the knoll
Shady lanes pleading for an exhilarating stroll
A panoramic view of nature and her bounties
The place between earth and heaven’s boundaries
Fields of barley swaying to soft summer breezes
As zephyrs delight in warm sincere appeases
Whispering hills singing hymns to the big blue sky
As summer’s paradise reaches everywhere on nigh
Blissful gardens offer peace and good harvest
A happy gathering from a thriving invest
Nature smiles with those hard working souls
For those who toil up there on the knolls
A scenic story to be told in all the books  
An ode to summer and the way she looks

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Robert L. Martin
almost 5 years

Some of my poems are free verse without any rhyming. It doesn't take too long to find words to rhyme. I have a rhyming dictionary. I appreciate your critique. Thank you.

almost 5 years

how many minutes were spent writing this trying to find words to rhyme? have you ever let yourself just disappear into your pen and let it flow without thought, a catharsis if you will. how many torturous battles are raging within you kept captive by fear. free yourself

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