Conversations heeded
From voices inside
From unknown sources
From some other God
Who calls himself God
Divinity is just a word
Fools counsel fools
Reality is a confinement
Freedom is an escape
The world is a distortion
Life is a playground
Dysfunction is the order
Fantasy is the new menu
Imagination has no roots
Truth is a contentment
Thoughts are reactional whims
That lead to deeds and
Their prudent executions
That lead to madness
The other new God is supreme
Man made religion is his roots
Consultation is egocentric
Wisdom is an invention of his
Faith is an absolute dedication
Dedicated to his teachings
Trust is an inconsequential pact
An allegiance for fools
This new God of hers
He entered her mind
Through her supplications
He is the worst of the worst
Her aberration is her allegiance
Please help her, Real God
Our supreme God whose
Consultations are words of the wise

I wrote this about somebody I know. I imagined what was going on in her mind.

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Robert L. Martin
over 3 years

Thank you, Delilah

over 3 years

Brilliant!... Contemplative in many degrees..

Parker Jennings
over 3 years

It's a great talent to be able to imagine what another person experiences in their own mind

Robert L. Martin
over 3 years

And the absolute truth still stays hidden

Asi Sansell
over 3 years

So many truths.

Robert L. Martin
over 3 years

Thank you, Steven. False Gods can sure fool you, alright.

steven t.
over 3 years

Funny how a "god" seems to be at the center of so many aberrations...a very perceptive poem indeed...

Robert L. Martin
over 3 years

Thank you, James. The poor girl. She's still in the hospital. It will be a long time before she gets out.

D. Thurmond   aka  JEF (James Everett Falcon)
over 3 years

Well written, as always. ... It is a wonder the paths that we follow in an effort to find what we only think that we have lost.

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