Miss Emily Winningham was chosen the anchor-woman not because of her intelligence, but because of her bust size which was a whopping 36 inches, her waist was 29, and she was gorgeous. It took her a while to complete a sentence, but that gave the T.V. audience a longer time to gawk at her. Mr. Loseter had been in line for the job for ten years, but he wasn’t quite as pretty as she was.
When they were off camera, they fought like a pack of wild dogs. He would fill his mouth full of ammunition and curse at her. If he could shoot her or hire a hit man and get away with it, he most certainly would. Maybe he could put some arsenic in her coffee and blame it on the errand boy. Her feelings toward him were about the same. If they had to pass each other in the hallway, they would take a detour so they wouldn’t kill each other on the way.
But when they were on camera, it was quite a bit different. It was called amity time. He would say with a warming smile, “We are so lucky to have you with us, Emily. You are so intelligent and diligent. Isn’t that right, crew? Let’s give Emily a round of applause. Three cheers for our favorite anchor-woman. Hip-hip-hooray.” Then after the camera was off of them, it was quite different.
One night after the evening news was over, they passed each in the hallway again. “You * % & $ @Bitch. Get out of my sight. I can’t stand you, you * ^ % #. As their hearts began jumping out of their chests and their loins began to boil, they grabbed one another as if they wanted to choke each other, but their grabbing turned into an embrace, and their embrace turned into a passionate love making right on the hallway floor.
Their hatred riled up their senses, and their hidden desires overcame all predetermined feelings they had for each other. The animal instinct took over and the blind passion led them to the consummation of love, their true feelings for each other. Their hatred brought them together and amity had nothing to do with it. Hate, but not the culmination of it was swirling around inside their minds, while desire rose to the surface conjured up by their emotional outbursts instead.
What a wonderful time they had working together. She finally learned how to be an anchor-woman, and he was just a happy news caster. Amity time became all the time. Hooray for love.

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Robert L. Martin
over 2 years

I can imagine you had a big roar in your days. You still have a huge romantic heart and romantic words to say.

Nelson D Reyes
over 2 years

Effulgent! Hidden by “hate”, spontaneous love burst resplendently!

I wish the roar in my natural instinct comes back. All I can manage now is a purring meow. :-)). But who knows, miracles happen all the time. :—-)))

Like. Thanks Robert.

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