For every ebb there is a flow.
For every high there is a low.
For every winter there is a summer.
For every shooting star there’s a wonder.
For every seed planted there is a harvest.
For every prudent deed there is a manifest.
For every evil seed, grows a bitter festering.
For every festering, a love incinerating,
For every evil deed, a bitter pill to swallow,
For every reaction, there’s a vengeance to follow.
Avengers move ahead with that bitter pill,
Carrying it with them charging up the hill,
Going to war against their deceiving friend,
Fighting a heated battle until the very end.
But for some who listen to their inner voice,
“You have revenge or forgiveness as a choice.
Do you want to live in fear or a venial love?
Your future is determined by
Your faith up above.”
Avengers move about
In various directions.
Some are forgiving
And some are not.
Proceed with caution.

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