Beautiful Dreamer

Beautiful Dreamer
Beautiful Dreamer ‘tis me alone at night
In the dark, though memories made bright
Stage is set I see thee clearly
Your sweet flesh my passion runs freely
Although miles away I can feel thy touch
Your iridescent body captured by my clutch
Though my prey, thou art still my treasure
Though out of sight, I can still get pleasure
Beautiful Dreamer, I am thinking about you
Your white thighs your chastity to undo
Though you’re silent, you’re always smiling
So easy to please with my fancy beguiling
Alone at night, but not alone at all
My debutante, we’re dancing at your ball
Feel my scorching breath feasting on your neck
My morality’s broken to create a new sect
You made my flaming passion run its course
I have no regrets, have no remorse
Beautiful Dreamer, I can feel thy presence
We can always dance from this day hence
My dreams brought you to me
Your scent, still lingering
Made them come alive

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Dymond Kinsler
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