Slaves of the slaves of the slaves,
of the evil behind the tiers of evil,
the beast with the black iron blood,
the turbulent flowing of the poison
through demonic veins,
the evil building with each moment,
the venom gathering more venom,
the virus gaining more strength,
pyramiding to the surface,
swimming in the
twisted rivers of Gomorrah,
the stain of the whores on its tongue,
the blood of the fallen citizens
of the earth still in their nostrils,
vengeance burning in the soul,
the rush of adrenaline in full,
expanding the walls of the veins,
rising up to the angry surface
of the contorted faces
with swords of the
black iron heart drawn and
cannons aimed at the lab workers,
the second assault of the Corona
blowing with the wind again,
the virus to annihilate the earth
with vengeance written
on its brow,
the blood of the technicians
still in their nostrils,
the cries of the fallen citizens,
such music to their ears,
a hell-bent journey of revenge,
a landing on the sweet soil
searching for the survivors
hidden in the deep forests,
the ones with revenge
also in their hearts,
the smart ones who
know their tactics, the ones who
know how to fight.
Hail to the victor!!!!

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Nelson D Reyes
7 months

Few more tweaks in the labs from the trials and we’ll sing “Hail to the six hundred...!’

“swimming in the
twisted rivers of Gomorrah,
the stain of the whores on its tongue” Like.

Our flimsy masks against the sword of the mother of all evils! St Michael we pray be there already!

Like. Thanks Robert.

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Nelson D Reyes

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