In your monitoring, are you that stern schoolmaster that sits on top of the fence that divides the right from the wrong, or the normal from the abnormal?  Are you anxious to paddle the one who strays from the right or normal one?  Do you affix yourself to one position and do not lean to either side even though there is no harm being done?  Do you adjust yourself
according to the action that’s being performed?  Do you consult with the proper authorities as to whether to adjust your limits or keep them the way they are?  Do you let public opinion influence your decisions?  Do you have boundaries within your boundaries?
Are you that wise man that lives and communes with the saints?  Are you in accordance with God’s will?  Do you have that built in judicial system within you?  Do you feel the pain when you make wrong decisions, or do you just not make them at all?  Do you live in the shadows of the earthly or in the sunlight of the divine?  Are your boundaries affixed to gratify the spiritual or to satisfy the mundane?
Do you look at normality as if it were a righted right and the abnormal as if it were a wronged wrong?  Is there a barbed wire fence between the two that prohibits their curious wanderings?  Does your normality move about in search of a new gratification?  
Does unfamiliar music hurt you by inflicting pain upon your body, or pain upon your pride?  Does it open up your mind and await its evaluation?   Do you have a firm assessment of normality?   Do you have a right music and a wrong music ingrained in your mind?  Is your appreciation mechanical or spiritual?  Does it melt your heart or satisfy your intellect?  Does it let beauty come into your midst?
Is there a right and a wrong beauty or just plain beauty?   Is beauty on the outside with its pompous banners waving about or living inside with its warming influence?  Does that warmth melt away the boundary between right and wrong, normal and abnormal?  Does it move through your spirit and bring you closer to heavenly bliss that breaks down the boundaries as it leaves you with loving that freedom of invention?  Let freedom sing!

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